Broadstone Golf Club

About the course

The Broadstone course, originally known as the Dorset Golf Club, was founded in 1898 by Lord Wimborne and designed by Tom Dunn. “I think Broadstone is a fairly easy course to remember,” wrote Bernard Darwin in his 1910 book The Golf Courses of the British Isles, “which is the same as saying that the holes have each a character of their own; at any rate, though I have only seen them once, I can replay them all quite clearly in my mind, except the holes in the park, which, to tell the truth, are not worth remembering.” Harry Colt was later commissioned to redesign Broadstone, using the beautiful moorland to the west of the railway line to build seven new holes. Broadstone thus became a quintessential heathland course and little has changed since.

The course is set on beautiful undulating terrain. From the elevated nine upwards there are panoramic views of the Purbeck Hills and Poole Harbour.

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Ranking England 36
Architect Tom Dunn
Year of foundation 1898
Par Course 72
Number of holes 18
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