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For your upcoming trip with St Andrews Golf Travel, have your golf clubs and other luggage picked up from your home and shipped directly to your destination. Upon departure, your bags are sent back to your home. With pricing that can save you up to 50% compared to FedEx and UPS, a full money-back guarantee plus up to $500 on-time guarantee per bag, and complete customs clearance on your behalf, Luggage Forward and Ship Sticks are the trusted choices for clients of St Andrews Golf Travel.

Why ship your clubs?

There are many benefits to shipping your luggage. By forwarding your luggage, you simply have your luggage or sports equipment picked up at your front door by a Luggage Forward or Ship Sticks agent, depending on your choice. You no longer have to haul heavy suitcases or cumbersome sports equipment to and from the airport. Additionally, you can bypass check-in and avoid the most frustrating part of air travel – waiting in long lines. Traveling without your luggage allows you to go directly to your departure gate, saving you time on each leg of your journey.

To arrange your golf club shipping, click on the company of your choice below. We will then be notified and able to track your shipment and liaise with your arrival hotel for the safekeeping of your clubs prior to arrival.



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