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St Andrews stories. Patrik Berger and Vladimír Šmicer…

At the same time, he complained about how he was having trouble with his bunkers as he got older. The Scottish ones are notoriously deep, and on some courses there are even stairs leading up to them. When Rob’s ball ended up in one, I took a rake and went to see how he’d play it. How? With a beautiful, high shot that ended up close to the hole…

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He built a business out of his passion for sports. Young entrepreneur drives clients to the “golf mecca”

He decided in high school that he was going to drive people to golf. Six years later, Ondřej Pravda has a well-functioning agency and is the only one in the Czech Republic to hold an exclusive St Andrews Links Trust licence …

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Your Bucket List can be a guiding force for life’s adventure

Like many people, I have a Bucket List. I actually put it on paper in the spring semester of my senior year at Oklahoma State in 1972. I am very proud to say that as of 2022, I have completed 72 of the 93 items on that original list. I was a political science major as an undergrad, so a number of the items on my list relate to my aspirations circa 1972…

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Going golfing in Scotland and playing the Old Course at St. Andrews is not out of reach

Some like to play in the Turkish or Spanish warmth, others prefer the originality and originality of the British Isles or Ireland. Ondřej Pravda belongs to the latter. Almost ten years ago he flew to Scotland and tried his hand at the golf business. And he succeeded….

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Summer in Hostivař, autumn abroad!

Don’t you have a plan for the summer? You’re not alone, lots of people aren’t planning this year. Some people just don’t want to because they’re tired of all the changes around them, others may have involuntarily exhausted their vacation. Even the kids’ anticipation of the holidays looks different this year. In any case, we have a plan and we’d love to get you involved.

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St. Andrews is something you won’t experience elsewhere as a golfer…

One of the questions I get most often in Prague is what has changed in the five years since I arrived in St. Andrews. There is a lot, but perhaps the most important news is that we are one of the few companies to have been certified as an Authorised Provider…

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A dream come true for the first Old Course tee

Scotland’s St. andrews, the home of golf and the world’s oldest course, the Old Course.The majestic royal & ancient clubhouse, the fairway of the first hole with the car on the right, the star-tour booth, the numerous tourists at your back. The nervousness couldn’t be greater …

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Is it your dream to play in St. Andrews?

Perhaps every golfer aspires to play at least once in his or her lifetime in the cradle of golf in St. Andrews, Scotland. Ondřej Pravda, co-owner of the agency, can help you make this dream come true….

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Join us for an exclusive golf experience on the Old Course at St. Andrews!



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