The Berkshire Red

About the course

Many people say there’s nothing better than a day of golf amidst the woods, heather and springy turf of a Berkshire golf club. Both the red and blue courses are enchanting. The red course is considered the older of the two, but frankly, there’s not much to choose between them. In fact, chances are you’ll find the two courses blend into one unless you’ve been lucky enough to play them more than once.

Both courses were founded in 1928 by Herbert Fowler, who had a gift for blending golf courses with their natural surroundings. Fowler obviously did a great job, as only minor changes have been made to his original design since then. The land was once a hunting forest for the royal family and dates back to the reign of Queen Anne. Each hole is played in seclusion, with mature plane trees, birches, chestnuts and pines providing majestic tunnels for the undulating fairways.

The red gets its name from a military analogy, the blue is on the opposite side. The red course is very unusual in design. The configuration of six par threes, six par fives and six par fours provides a lot of interest, variety and fun.

To score well here you need a straight and steady game, otherwise you will quickly get used to chipping sideways out of trees or chopping from heather.

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Ranking England 21
Architect Herbert Fowler
Year of foundation 1928
Par Course 72
Number of holes 18
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