West Hill Golf Club

About the course

West Hill Golf Club is the youngest of the trio of ‘W’s located in this most beautiful corner of Surrey (the other two are Woking and Worplesdon). The course was founded in 1910 by Cuthbert Butchart, a Scottish professional from Carnoustie, on the instructions of the founder, Mrs Marguerite Lubbock, a keen golfer. At that time ladies were unable to join other local clubs in Surrey, so she decided to start her own club. Butchart became the first professional of the West Hill club and also became known as an excellent, forward-thinking club maker. His drivers were revolutionary, superbly balanced and featured innovative lead weights.

Butchart is not a household name in golf course architecture, but he created an outstanding course at West Hill that has remained virtually untouched since (with the exception of the recent bunker renovations). The course is laid out in an out and back manner over undulating sandy terrain. The fairways are lined with pines, birches and of course tangible heather.

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Ranking England 32
Architect Cuthbert Butchart
Year of foundation 1910
Par Course 72
Number of holes 18
Where is the course located? https://maps.app.goo.gl/Ww8dfULPM5ZTn7cr9


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