Woking Golf Club

About the course

Woking Golf Club has a charming course with heathland in Old England, founded in 1893 by Tom Dunn. The club was to provide relief for a few golf-mad solicitors who were tired of playing on the muddy clay. We have to thank Woking wholeheartedly because no one thought that land covered in heather and gorse was a viable terrain for golf, and this was the first experimental heathland layout.

At the turn of the 19th century there were only a few heathland courses around London and Bernard Darwin described them as ‘stars of sand and heather’. He had a soft spot for Woking Golf Club because it is the oldest and one of the best. He went on to say: “While my judgment may not be strictly impartial, I think it is nevertheless the most enjoyable of all on which to play, and the golf is undeniably interesting.” Darwin was once a mad advocate himself and also a member of Woking for over sixty years.

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Ranking England 28
Architect Tom Dunn
Year of foundation 1893
Par Course 72
Number of holes 18
Where is the course located? https://maps.app.goo.gl/QhLW1w2EAbb1QJev5


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