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About the course

The European Club is located in the Garden of Ireland, between the coastal towns of Wicklow and Arklow, about 30 miles south of Dublin. It is the creation of Pat Ruddy, who opened it for play in 1993, and he and his family have remained here ever since. It was a unique experience, a links course with 20 holes set amongst the rugged dunes, until the 20-hole configuration was replicated down at Barnbougle Lost Farm in 2010.

Ruddy’s continued involvement with a European club will undoubtedly only improve the situation; the course is evolving and he will be helping it along the way. We are particularly pleased that a charming burn has replaced the out-of-place pond in front of the 18th green. The old saying goes that many holes look so natural that you would think they have always been there, but it is true. Ruddy did as good a job here as Kyle Phillips did at Kingsbarns.

It’s an inspiring place to play golf, the huge dunes provide tremendous definition and the Irish Sea is a very distinctive backdrop. It’s also a bit of a monster; the 18-hole course measures over 7,000 yards, making it a challenging par 71. Two par 3s (7a and 12a) make up the 20-hole layout with a par 77 and are definitely worth playing as they represent a refreshing departure from tradition.

There is no doubt that Ruddy has a sense of humour – the scorecard is full of witty catchphrases, even the green on the par 4 12th is humorous at over 125 yards and any three putts are a success. It’s an enjoyable and memorable course. Many of the holes are varied and interesting and there are some great holes.


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Ranking Ireland 5
Architect Patt Ruddy
Year of foundation 1993
Par Course 72
Number of holes 18
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