Carnousite Championship Course

About the course

Carnoustie, also known as ‘Carnasty’, is considered one of the toughest courses ever. It was founded in 1842 by Tom Morris and later expanded by James Braid in 1926 to its present form. The course is very popular with local people and is not really built for players with large handicaps, although it is a challenge for everyone. The course boasts incredibly manicured greens all year round, lots of tricky sand obstacles and water ditches. The big rival here is the onshore wind, which makes the game even more difficult. Carnoustie is a test for the truly skilled player, but anyone who enjoys golf will be delighted by its variety, trickyness and difficulty.

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World ranking 45
Architect Old Tom Morris, James Braid
Year of foundation 1842
Par Course 70
Number of holes 54
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