Crail Golfing Society Balcomie

About the course

Balcomie is one of the most popular attractions for golf enthusiasts from all over the world. The Crail Golfing Society, the seventh oldest golf club in the world, is a big part of this. The historic atmosphere is evident at every turn and when you add in the fantastic coastal views and beautifully expansive greens, it is a highly emotional experience that is sure to be etched in the memory of every golf enthusiast. Located on the outskirts of Fife approximately 15 miles from St Andrews. The golf course offers unrivalled views of the cliffs, coastline and an unrivalled view of the Forth and Tay estuaries. Golfers will find a very interesting course which is suitable for all levels of golfer. The course offers a large playing area, beautifully green greens, numerous terrain obstacles, bunkers and sandy areas. As with all Scottish courses, it is not only the terrain obstacles that need to be taken into account, but also the elements, especially the wind, which can change the difficulty of the game to the max.

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World ranking
Architect Old Tom Morris
The year of foundation 1895
Par Course 69
Number of holes 18
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