World ranking
Architect Old Tom Morris
Creation date 1895
Par 71
Holes 18

New Course is located in the heart of golf St. Andrews. From the name, one can easily get the impression that this is a new field, but appearances are deceptive. New Course was designed by renowned archutect Old Tom Morris in 1985. The course has one disadvantage and that is shadowing the famous Old Course. Although New Course carries a lot of similar features with the Old Course, it’s absolutely phenomenal experience. The golf course is typically characterized for the St. Andrews. Is characterized mainly for a lot of natural obstacles, shared fairways, split greens and number of bunkers. The arrangement of holes have classic layout for nine holes direction there and nine direction back. The golf course is more for challenging golfers, but the challenge is basically for everyone. Some holes replicate with the famous Old Course, so historic atmosphere is up at every step.